Preview Gallery

General Questions about how the Preview Gallery system works

Q. How do I get started?

A. Simply fill out the subscription/lab account information form. To sign up Click here

Within one business day we will:

Set up your Preview Gallery
Send you the FTP connection username and password to connect to your Preview Gallery

Q. What do I need to do to activate my Preview Gallery once it is set up?

A. Preview Gallery is created with a series of preset templates that allow you to control the color theme of the pages, use your own images in the main page slide, show, set your shipping charges and a few other miscellaneous items.

The process usually takes about 15-20 minutes. You can easily do it yourself after reviewing our instructions and watching our short tutorial videos, or we will be happy to help you.

Q. How do I receive the orders from my customers?

A. We have the most sophisticated ordering system in the industry. Our Presentation Gold Gold ToolBox monitors an order folder on your preview gallery site every 2 minutes. When a customer places an order, it arrives in your computer automatically. If you designated the event as an eXpress Order event, the images for the order will be retrieved and the order will be sent to the lab in a minute or two. All behind the scenes, without you doing a thing. eXpress Orders are usually sent directly to your clients from the lab.

If you designated the event a standard event. the retrieved order will STOP in your computer, you will get a message when you open your Gold ToolBox and the order ill be in the Web Orders folder, with the ordered images. You can retouch, crop, color adjust your images and click the button and send the order to one of our Network Labs.

Q. How do I get paid for an order?

You can set up a pay pal account (which 99% of our users do), you can instruct your customers to contact you for payment, or you can allow them to give you their credit card info online with their order. You will receive that information with their order.

We are not your partner. We do not collect your money and then tell you you made "an 85% profit".  If you read between the lines, all you are really doing with those companies is paying them to collect your money, hold it for weeks, or even months, and then send you your money, minus THEIR commission.

When you set up your pay pal account, your customers pay by credit card, and you get paid in the normal amount of time it takes to process credit card transactions, usually a few days.

Q. Can I have clients orders stop in my studio so I can retouch the images?

A. YES. This is a totally flexible system that YOU control. You can have orders go directly to one of our Network Labs, or to you. When you are ready to send your order to the lab, you can create an order that can be printed by our Network Labs.

Q. How do I pay for their order?

As we said in the above answer, we are not your partner. You will have an account created at our Network Labs. When you order arrives at the lab it is treated like any other order. The lab processes the order, sends the prints to you or your customer, and bills you for the prints ordered and shipping charges. They charge your credit card monthly.

There are no "commissions" paid to anyone.

There is a "concept" that has been created by other web hosting companies that in order for the lab to fulfill (ship order for you), you have to pay a "small commission". We have eliminated that concept.

Our system allows you to have the orders go from the web, to the lab, to your customer, without you paying any commissions.

Q. Do I have to upload my Full Resolution images to the lab or to my Preview Gallery?

A. NO!!!. Again, we have the most unique system in the industry. We eliminated the need to waste 8-10 hours uploading Hi Resolution images to a web server, only to have clients order from a handful of those images.

With our Preview Gallery system, we retrieve the ordered images from YOUR computer when they are ordered, thus saving you many hours of wasted time. This concept allows us to reduce our costs, and as our investigations of our competitor pricing has shown....we are the best buy in town!!!

Q. I am confused. Do you mean I no longer have to work with a web hosting company that is telling me "we do everything for you, we take orders, process the print and ship the orders to your clients and YOU get 85% of the sale".

A. You are the photographer, you did the work, why should you pay someone 15% of your sale, just to have them process a credit card and ship the order?

With our system, you keep all your money. it's your money.

Q. Is your service free like the others that offer free web hosting?

A. NO. There is no free web hosting. Somewhere along the way YOU PAY. There is no "Free Lunch". We tell you up front exactly what you pay. Either $3 per order, or $49 per month for your Preview Gallery storage space. When you fall for the free uploading and storage concept, you pay later in the huge commissions the lab or web hosting company keeps from your sales.

Don't look at it as just a 10-15 "commission" to do some simple work for you. Add it up for the year. Our fixed rate system will allow 85% of the average 40 event per year photographer to easily mange their displayed events. You do this buy keeping events online for 2-3 months and removing them to make space for new ones. Our average photographers require approximately 5000 image storage space to manage 40 events per year. We give you 6000 to cover you.

We have read the fine print in most of the other major web hosting companies policies, and they all promise, "unlimited" capacity, but later have disclaimers to keep your event uploads under control. One company boats you can have a single event with up to 25,000 images online. WOW, doesn't that sound great!!! Think about it, how many of us have events with more than 1000-1500 images. they know when they made the offer, it was bogus.

We are all competing for your business. We of course want you to think we have the best offer. YOU do your homework, and think about the offers. We could give you unlimited uploads, and charge a commission. we did our homework. we would make more money on that concept, but we don't believe it it the right way to do business. Does your lab get a commission for printing your work?. NO. Then why should a web hosting company.

Many of the original commission based web hosting companies are following our lead. they are beginning to adopt fixed rate plans because the users are finding out they are paying for nothing.
If your potential "commission" payments to one of these other services exceed $588 annually, you are paying too much.

Q. How do I rotate, organize, resize and upload my images to my Preview Gallery.

A. We will give you our Presentation Gold to do all of these things. You open your image directory, rotate your images (if your camera did not apply auto rotation instructions). You can adjust color and density to images that will by viewed in your gallery, and NOT have those adjustments applied to the final prints (so your lab can do your corrections, if you have them do that for you). You can crop your images in our unique cropping ToolBox. You can organize your images into categories in minutes. Simply drag your images to out "Organizer" thumbnail bar. You can even re-organize the sequence of the images to be displayed so they appear in the order of the day. You can organize a 1000 image wedding in less than 10 minutes!!!

Our Presentation Gold Gold ToolBox even resizes your images and allows you to include a watermark for your protection.

While everyone else boasts how well their web hosting systems help you sell images, they ignore how much work you have to do to get your images to your site!!!.

We are happy to discuss these procedures with you because we have the solution.

Q. Can I create orders in the Presentation Gold ToolBox?

A. YES. In Presentation Gold you can order, crop, color correct, link to Photoshop for retouching. The Presentation Gold cropping system is incredible. Order any size print and only the correct crop guide will appear on your image. You can't make any mistakes. No cropping an 8x10 ordered print with a 5x7 crop. You can create "Packages", slide shows, and design albums in the Album Designer. You can send your finished orders to our Network Labs.

Q. How much money can I expect to make on web sales?

A. Our Preview Gallery System was developed by Bob Kahn, PPA Master Wedding Photographer. Bob had a wedding business for 25 years. When the concept of web hosting came about, his first thought was "how can I use this technology to save production time".  As the web hosting phenomenon began to roll out in the industry, other web hosting companies touted how "you will make tons of money by displaying your images on the web". Bob does NOT agree. With the exception of school, or sports events where the volume of buyers is large, and the actual sales are small, and it is more convenient to use the web for orders  For the most part, Bob believed, and found to be true, that there were no more sales created from the web than were being made before the web.

There is no question that the web has enabled us to streamline some of our steps in the ordering process, but unless the attendees of the event live out of town, and they could not have seen the images on paper as we did in the past, the sales from most events have not changed. When you here a photographer say they received a $1000 order from the web, ask what was ordered. was that really an "additional" $1000 in orders, or was it the Bride and Grooms "order" for their prints. Question: if they reviewed their images by conventional means, paper proofs for example, would they have placed that same $1000 order. If the answer is "Yes", then you didn't need to pay for web hosting to make your sale.

Now, if you want to use web hosting to eliminate paper proofs, and create a more "secure" ordering system that reduces copying of your images, then web hosting as viable solution. The point is, if you only think of web hosting as a "revenue generator" and not as an integral part of your sales and production operation, you may be thinking incorrectly.

Bob feels many photographers are "short sited" about the time they spend in production. A photographer will spend hours of their time, organizing images, color correcting, uploading images for hours, and use paper proofs (and complain about copywrite protection), and not look at the web as a solution to all of these issues.

Think outside the box. Is your time worth $50 per month?

Most photographers have a billable rate of at least $50 per hour, if not much more. How much time can we save you to make up your one hour?

Q. Can I display my wedding albums on my Preview Gallery?

A. YES. You can display your albums in a "side by side" presentation in your gallery. You can display albums created in Photoshop, or any other album design software, or you can design your albums in the Album Designer. The Album Designer allows you to design digital composite pages and have each individual image in the pages color and density adjusted at one of our Network Labs.

Our Album Design ToolBox even has all of the major album companies templates included for traditional insert albums.

The Album Designer is inside the Presentation Gold Gold ToolBox.

Q. Can clients access the prices for prints and my costs?

A. NO. If you type in: you will be brought to a page that stops there. Clients are instructed to contact their photographer and get your gallery name. If they call us for information, which is very rare, we discuss their problem, and try and find out who their photographer was. Then we either contact the you with their information, or we give them enough information to find you.


To sum it all up.

Preview Gallery is your total workflow solution. Our Presentation Gold ToolBox handles all of your image management, from numbering your images in time stamp order after the event, to the final delivery of the prints and albums to your clients. It is a flexible system that allows you total control. You will only need Photoshop for retouching. You can throw away all of your other programs. You do it all in Our system, and do it better, easier, and faster.

You have nothing to loose by trying us. We have no contracts, and if you subscribe to the annual payment plan we will even refund you money (on a prorated basis) if you decide the system is not working for you.  No questions asked.

We will help you get started, and we are always available to help with any problems you might encounter. Digital is new and constantly changing. We pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve.